Terms Conditions

Usa-evisa.com Terms & Conditions

From the moment you use our site you are implicitly agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions we hereby set out. We reserve the right to enforce or amend them at any time, and appreciate your full cooperation in this matter.

Use of Website and Associated Content

Our site, and all the content here within, remains our sole property, and is not available for commercial use or unauthorized reproduction. We are in no way affiliated with the U.S. Government, and do not authorize our content to be used or repurposed, either in whole, or in part.

Application Fees

As a ESTA visa agency we charge a fee ($65) in addition to the application fee payable to the U.S. Government for the ESTA. For further details, please get in touch.

Our Services and Scope of Work

Usa-evisa.com is an online ESTA visa agency committed to streamlining the application process. By providing end-to-end assistance throughout the application process we’re able to check and review your documentation for accuracy, style, and grammatical errors. We do however accept no responsibility for errors in personal information, for which we could have had no prior knowledge. All payments are fully end-to-end encrypted, and by making such a payment you further agree to be bound by our T&Cs, and all other applicable policies.

Issues Affecting Your ESTA Application

As a visa agency, we wish to draw your attention to the fact that the final decision regarding your application rests with the DHS, and the DHS alone. We have no say in the matter, and as such are never available to arbitrate on your behalf. Should you provide inaccurate, incomplete, or knowingly false information, we reserve the right to cease the application process at any time.

In addition, we reserve the right to suspend our website at any time, whether that be for planned maintenance, unforeseen circumstances, or any other reason. We accept no responsibility for the status or progress of your application in this unlikely event.

Denial or Cancellation of Your ESTA Application

As the applicant you must never knowingly or unwittingly provide information which is: false, inaccurate, out of date, or not current. As such, we reserve the right to delete and remove any such information, in accordance with our other T&Cs.

In the event that your application is denied by the DHS, or cancelled as a result of the input of any other party, we reserve the right to charge our fee of $65.00 in all such cases.

Legal Responsibilities

Should any user of our website cause monetary damage, damage of reputation and standing, or any other form of damage whilst using our service, either to a third party or ourselves, we will exercise the right to take legal action.

Notice to Amend

Usa-evisa.com reserve the right to amend and alter our T&Cs at any point without asking for permission or assent. Should you wish to seek clarification regarding how any changes could influence the status of your application, we kindly refer you to our custom services team.

Use of Personal Data & Sensitive Information

Please note that we do not share your personal data, or sensitive information, with any third party unless we are required to by law, or it is deemed a necessary part of the maintenance of our website.

During the application process you will be asked to provide your: name, place and date of birth, passport number, passport expiration date, passport date of issue, type of supporting document, valid email address, valid postal address, and a current phone number. In addition, we will also record: connection log, IP address, cookies, and payment records. All information is end-to-end encrypted, and stored on our secure database as standard.